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Training options to align your digital culture to our deepest human needs

As human beings, when our deepest human needs are met at work, we increase performance, wellbeing and we feel engaged and part of a community. Our workplace becomes more than just work. 

From the Great Resignation to the burnout epidemic, signs are growing that for many those deepest human needs aren't being met, and in digital work our relationship with technology is often the missing link. 

If you are experiencing always-on cultures, video call fatigue, remote isolation or digital presenteeism... now is the time to renegotiate your team's relationship with technology and make it work to enhance employee experience and company success. 

Our five building blocks help you to raise awareness of healthy digital habits, train line managers in creating healthy digital cultures and shape the message and behaviour from the top of an organisation. 

The World Health Organisation advocates training on Digital Etiquette, and they are not alone

The International Labour Association, CIPD are amongst the organisations championing the need to create intentional ways of working in the digital environment. 

Many organisations are looking to address their hybrid culture and future of work strategy, but often don’t know


  • where to start,

  • what challenges their people face and

  • how to make change.


This is where Live More Offline can help. 

The solution is data-led consultancy and training. So you can be confident you are targeting the issues and teams which will deliver the most meaningful change:

Invest in wellbeing in a way that generates impact

Deloitte research shows a 5:1 return on money spent supporting mental health at work, but the 'how' is key.

This return is 7.3 :1 when support is targeted to at risk groups. And the style matters too.

Together we help you identify who to support AND how. Together we explore YOUR challenges, needs and design a bespoke approach with your people at it's heart. 

The most important thing to us, is that investing in healthy digital habits can make a REAL difference. With our sessions built around the value of IMPACT, from our webinar awareness sessions to our leadership training, we can make a significant difference to your people... 

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Participant, Healthy Digital Culture Series, Metroline

The Live More Offline sessions have been absolutely fantastic. I have been engaged with these in more ways that I can put in to words, but have really hit home to me. The final session particularly articulated what I have been feeling, or rather sensing, especially around my own sense of value and worth - not just the working environment, but more so how I feel at home. I have taken on board so much and want to thank Alex La Via for the all the sessions.

Create an approach as unique as your team

With Live More Offline's five building blocks, you can create your own training plan, which can be accessed by your employees as they work from home as well as delivering live talks and workshops. Schedule a free consultation to discuss the options for delivering digital wellbeing training within your organisation. 

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01 Digital culture consultancy

Diagnose, design and deliver healthy digital culture

  • Bespoke and evidence-based consultancy to shape your digital culture. 

  • Know, through use of our Digital Culture Diagnostic, the impact on your people of existing digital practices 

  • Gain specialist advice in designing and developing evidence-based solutions which are tailored to your team

  • Deliver tailored interventions to care for your people's performance and wellbeing

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03 Leadership programme

Our signature course to equip leaders in caring for wellbeing, performance & belonging in digital teams

  • The blended-learning 8-week programme provides your leaders with the practical tools and knowledge needed to shape healthy digital cultures

  • Focused on the nuances of digital work, you can layer this with your existing leadership training, 

  • From how to run effective remote meetings, create cultures of digital balance, ensure people feel connected in remote work, this is packed full of practical and actionable support

  • We equip leaders in depth across both the individual and cultural steps to enhance the Three Pillars of Wellbeing, Performance and Human Connection. 

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02 Specialist Talks & Workshops

Raise awareness and inspire new ways of working


Choose from our specialist sessions. Run stand-alone or book talks 1-4 which build as a 'Healthy Digital Culture Series'

  1. ​How to thrive in a Digital Age

  2. Caring For Your Digital Balance

  3. Focus, attention and productivity in a Digital Age

  4. Overcoming remote isolation 

  5. Mindfulness in a Digital World

  6. Social Media and Mental Health

  7. The secret to healthy video Calls

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04 Executive strategy and coaching

Introduce digital wellbeing at an executive level, explore how this aligns to your strategic priorities and design the change you want to see

  • 1:1 or small group support to gain the confidence, knowledge and tools you need in leading a healthy digital culture. ​

  • Sessions are tailored to delivering positive change on the goals which matter to you.

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05 Early careers training 

Set your people up at the start of their careers, with the habits they need to succeed in a digital future

  • Book specialist digital wellbeing sessions to supplement your existing early careers training for the nuances of digital work


  • In partnership with Gen Healthy Minds, early careers training specialists, we also deliver a comprehensive programme to boost mental, digital and physical wellbeing. 

The five ways we help you to create a healthy digital culture

Are you interested in what your bespoke approach could look like?

Let's discuss... 

The most important words come from the people we work with



“Brilliant session…  helped participants interpret information and think through what would be most useful for them to implement straightaway.”

Marie Broad, UK Wellbeing Lead, BDO