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With Live More Offline you can book remote training which can be accessed by your employees as they work from home. You can also book our live talks and workshops for later in the year.

Live More Offline's training inspires you with the knowledge and tools to create new digital habits to support the life you want. Our options below deliver training on the topics that are most important to your employees. Helping them to create more wellbeing, focus and balance in their day. 

Engaging Talks & Workshops: Delivered Online

Specialised training on the digital wellbeing issues that matter

  • Raise awareness of the issues and benefits of creating a healthy balance with digital technology

  • Choose from the following options:

    • Digital Wellbeing and COVID-19

    • Creating a Healthy Relationship with Social Media

    • Deepening focus, attention & creativity 

    • Mindfulness in daily life

Key-Note Talks

(Book now for later in 2020)

Raise Awareness and Inspire Change

  • Typically up to 1hr

  • Carefully designed to deliver as a 'lunch and learn' experience or a key-note talk within a wider event

  • Interactive talks which inspire conversation

  • Raise awareness of the issues and benefits of creating a healthy balance with digital technology

  • Understand why it is so easy for us to develop unwanted habits with our devices

  • Understand the benefits to focus, sleep and wellbeing that can come from addressing digital habits

  • Suitable as stand-alone talks or part of a wider event

Live More Offline: 5 Week Course

Delivered online

In-depth programme creating the steps for habit change

  • Five carefully designed live online training sessions 

  • A comprehensive training on digital wellbeing

  • Break-out groups & discussion increases team connection during social distancing

  • Learn how digital habits form and how to live and work better with technology

  • See & learn how to change your own digital habit loops

  • Explore practical changes to how you use technology 


(Book now for later in 2020)

Deeper Understanding and Personalised Solutions

  • Typically 3hrs with more than one workshop able to be delivered in a day

  • Empower change at an individual level

  • See and map your own digital habit loops

  • Explore suggestions for practical changes you can make 

  • Learn tools to connect with intentions and change habits

  • Explore research findings and what they mean for how you can live and work better with technology 

  • Take home your own personalised action plan for digital habit change

To design your training solution... 

Select From a Theme Below; or


Discuss A Tailored Approach For Your Organisation

Targeting the issues your employees care about...

Digital Wellbeing and COVID-19

Deepening Focus, Attention & Creativity

Tools to manage digital distractions whilst working remotely

Reduce anxiety from social media and news

Feel more connected whilst using digital platforms

Discover a healthy balance between time 'online' and 'offline.

Understand how to manage digital distractions to deepen focus and creativity


Dispelling the 'myth of multitasking'

Practical approaches to email, instant messaging and work routines

Creating a healthy relationship with news & Social Media

Discover how the use of social media can impact wellbeing, focus and our quality of life


Use digital technology effectively to build empathy & connection in remote teams

Practical approaches to email and instant messaging

Mindfulness in daily life

Enhance wellbeing with options from one hour taster-sessions up to the full 8 week mindfulness courses

Reduce stress, enhance concentration and increase resilience.


Training can be offered to teams working either in the office or remotely