In this digital age, we are facing competition for our attention on an industrial scale and it has never been easier to be distracted away from the things that are truly important to us.


Our digital habits can either help us to realise our goals (this could be a good night's sleep, doing our best work, finding more time in the day, feeling healthy and more connected) or they can get in the way of these goals. Habit change is notoriously difficult and our digital applications are carefully designed to be habit-forming.

Live More Offline's talks and workshops inspire you with knowledge and tools to create new digital habits to support the life you want. Creating more time and attention for the things that are important to you.

"Small changes to digital habits can make a big difference to our lives"

Live More Offline digital wellbeing talks and workshops are a great fit for your: 


  • Workplace Wellbeing Programmes

  • Wellbeing events

  • Key-note talks at your next conference or event

Key-Note Talks

Raise Awareness and Inspire Change

  • Typically up to 1hr

  • Carefully designed to fit your lunch and learn or as a key-note talk as part of a wider wellbeing event

  • Interactive talks which inspire conversation

  • Raise awareness of the issues and benefits of creating a healthy balance with digital technology

  • Understand why it is so easy for us to develop unwanted habits with digital technology 

  • Understand the benefits to focus, sleep and wellbeing that can come from addressing digtal habits

  • Suitable as stand-alone talks or part of a wider event


Deeper Understanding and Personalised Solutions

  • Typically 3hrs, more than one workshop can be delivered in a day

  • Empower change at an individual level

  • See and map your own digital habit loops

  • Explore suggestions for practical changes you can make 

  • Learn tools to connect with intentions and change habits

  • Explore research findings and what they mean for how you can live and work better with technology 

  • You will take home your own personalised action plan for digital habit change

Choose From The Following Themes Or Discuss A Tailored Event For Your Organisation

Introduction To Digital Wellbeing

Explore the fundamentals of digital wellbeing, including:

Connecting with your goals.

Improving focus, sleep and wellbein

Deepening Focus, Attention & Creativity

Building on the fundamentals to focus in more depth on how to manage digital distractions to improve focus and creativity. Dispelling the 'myth of multitasking'.

Empathy And Connection In A Digital World

Building on the fundamentals to explore how to use technology well to build empathy and connection over digital communications and in remote teams. 

Practical approaches to email, IM and interpersonal communication.

Mindfulness in daily life

Introductory workshops and full 8-week mindfulness courses are available. Following the syllabus of: 

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, or

Oxford University's Finding Peace in a Frantic World




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