Are you looking for a speaker who can add the emerging topic of digital wellbeing to your next event?

Alessandra La Via can add to your next event as a wellbeing key-note speaker or panelist, leading expertise on one of the most important issues which the world of work is facing: the human impact of digital work


Raise awareness of digital wellbeing...

Digital transformation and the move to hybrid work has happened at lightning speed. Yet we haven't figured out how make digital work healthy, successful and less isolated for society.


Now comes the need to look at embedding digital wellbeing into our work and creating healthy, high performing digital teams.

For those looking for a key-note speaker, panel contributor or interview, don't hesitate to include a key voice on one of the most important topics in the future workplace.

As research shows digital messages, meetings and out of hours work continue to rise...


Now, more than ever before, digital wellbeing must be a central part of conversations on: 


  • Workplace wellbeing

  • Productivity in hybrid work

  • Employee experience and retention of talent

  • Loneliness at work

  • Diversity and inclusion


Alessandra La Via brings these topics to life in an engaging, heartfelt and evidence-based way, from her lived experience, academic research and years of working with some of the largest global organisations to enhance their digital culture.

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Why Alessandra is one of the key voices on digital culture 

Starting her career in fast-paced corporate accountancy field, she worked in the Big4 and within FTSE 250 / FTSE100 head offices. Despite appearing successful, she lived the experience of the “always on” culture and the wellbeing impact this brings. 

Having previously suffered from Bell's Palsy (losing movement in one side of her face) from workplace burnout, she decided to take time to find balance. 


In this break, she walked 34 days on the Camino de Santiago in Spain. Feeling so much better in herself, she started to question the impact of digital habits on wellbeing and how we get this right in workplaces. From this point, she started academic study into the impact of technology on workplace wellbeing, was asked to speak at organisations, and six years later Live More Offline is at the forefront of digital culture consultancy, working with some of the largest global organisations. 


Alessandra helps teams to enhance digital culture at all levels within an organisation, delivering diagnostics, executive workshops, a signature eight-week Digital Leadership programme, workshops and talks.

Speaking in a way which meet your needs

If you would like to reach out to Alessandra about hiring her for your next event, get in touch today. 

Our range of speaking opportunities can be tailored to your needs and budget, so your attendees learn how to thrive whilst working digitally. From interviews and panel discussions to key-note talks, on topics which include inclusion and diversity, digital productivity and wellbeing, get in touch today to book Alex for your event.

From founding the digital wellbeing consultancy Live More Offline, Alessandra has a true passion and knowledge of digital wellbeing.

Since growing the company, Alessandra has featured on various panel discussions, delivered interviews and talks, to discuss the impact digital wellbeing is having on our culture, and is available for live, pre-recorded, in-person and virtual events.

A speaking format to suit your needs

Previously spoken with a range of organisations: 

  • CogX

  • CIPD Events

  • Global Workplace Wellness Summit

  • Digital Leaders Summit

  • The science museum

  • Leeds Digital Festival

  • Salford University Workplace Wellbeing Festival

  • EventWell Festival

  • Events with ICAEW, She Break the Law and more

Topics which you can cover together with Alessandra:

  • Remote loneliness

  • Digital wellbeing and the future of work

  • Inclusion and diversity issues in digital work

  • Right to disconnect and why it matters

  • The link between digital habits and performance in remote teams

  • Constantly connected: Caring for employee wellbeing in an age of digital overload



Alex recently delivered a webinar for the members of the West Yorkshire CIPD on remote working and digital wellbeing and I have to say she was fantastic. Not only was her content incredibly informative and packed with value and useful takeaways, but she was extremely engaging with the group. It was an absolute pleasure to work with her.

Barbara, CIPD West Yorkshire Branch

Hire the voice of digital culture for your next event

If you would like to reach out to Alessandra about hiring her for your next event, get in touch today. 

From interviews and panel discussions to key-note talks, on topics which include inclusion and diversity, digital productivity and wellbeing, contact us today to discuss your needs and budgets, so we can help your attendees to thrive in a digital world.