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Loneliness Awareness Week 13-17 June 2022

There has never been a more important time to build human connection in our digital world of work.


Our two new webinars help businesses wanting to create a culture of belonging whilst managing loneliness and mental health within a digital workplace.

Webinar 1: Overcoming Remote Isolation

Remote isolation has become a key challenge in the future of work, with increased loneliness impacting wellbeing, performance and job satisfaction.


By taking intentional steps to build human connection into digital communication, we create an environment where people thrive and feel a sense of culture and belonging. Where people feel that technology helps them to make meaningful connections at work, workplace loneliness falls by 10%.


This webinar shows you how to think differently about connection virtually. It provides you individual and team strategies for creating a culture of human connection within remote teams.

Webinar 2: Re-connect: Social Media, Loneliness and Mental Health

Social Media has undeniable benefits in connecting us. But it can also have unintended consequences on mental health, social isolation and creating the lives we want to live.


This webinar uncovers research on the way social media can affect the human brain and our sense of human connection. We will delve into creating a balanced relationship with social media on your terms, keeping all the good parts whilst becoming more self-aware of the unintended consequences of social scrolling.


Take away practical tips and a framework to make social media work for you, reduce feelings of loneliness and shape a relationship with social media with connects you to what matters.

Further details

  • Quotes can be provided based on audience size, provision of time-limited recordings or in-person delivery 

  • The webinar is interactive and lasts 60 minutes

  • Post-session resources will be provided, to maximise the learning and impact of the session

  • We provide all webinar registration management, as well as marketing material for your internal use

Take the first steps to care for your team's belonging, connection and wellbeing in a digital age... 

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