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Live More Offline Services

With Live More Offline you can develop smarter leaders, help your team thrive and create a healthy high performance business


Did you know that 65% of people will check their work emails right before going to bed? Another statistic states that 25% of employees feel pressure to be visible online and respond to messages quickly.


These shocking statistics are on the rise with more of us working from home than ever before, so as an employer, it’s important to take healthy steps that look after your teams’ digital culture.


It’s been shown time and time and time again that stress, burnout and mental ill health is often linked to high expectations from managers, and this in turn can greatly affect those working from home.


The need to be constantly online and available is creating an unhealthy digital culture that many businesses need to be focused on, and we can help you to navigate this by implementing some simple steps that help your staff feel supported and understood.


We offer five ways to create a healthy digital culture


Digital culture consultancy


A bespoke proposition including diagnosis of the impact within your team of digital practices, design, development and delivery of bespoke solutions to care for your team’s digital culture​


Leadership programme


A high impact 8-week programme for leaders that offers a unique blended learning approach. This provides leaders with the practical tools and knowledge needed to support ​productivity, ​wellbeing, and ​human connection ​in a digital workplace.


Team Digital Workshops


This workshop will focus on:


  • Thriving in a Digital Age​

  • Digital Productivity​

  • Digital Wellbeing​

  • Virtual Engagement and Connection ​

  • Mindfulness in a Digital World​

  • Social Media and Mental Health​

  • The secret to healthy video Calls

Key-Note Company Talks


This keynote speech will look at:


  • Thriving in a Digital Age​

  • Caring For Your Digital Balance ​

  • How to Focus in a Digital Age​

  • Overcoming remote isolation ​

  • Social Media and Mental Health ​

  • The secret to healthy video Calls


Executive Strategy & Coaching


1:1 or small group support to gain the confidence, knowledge and tools you need in leading a healthy digital culture.


Our recent testimonials


“Fantastic talks held in three of our offices as a part of our Wellbeing Week and great feedback received from attendees. Would hope to work with Alex again in the future.”​ Sally-Ann, Team Coordinator and Wellbeing Champion, Arup


“I just wish I’d had all of this information a year ago!”​ Participant on the Healthy Digital Culture series, City of Glasgow College


“These workshops have helped me pause and reflect on what I do. There were some takeaways that I can implement right now to make a difference.”​ Teva Pharmaceuticals 


To learn more about any of the above solutions, get in touch with Alex today to discuss further.

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