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Digital Wellbeing

Digital wellbeing predictions for 2022


2021 was our year of figuring out what on earth hybrid work means in practice so what will 2022 be? Well, here are our predictions for 2022:


Strategic advantages for investing in digital culture- First mover advantages here will be real!​

Optimising digital productivity- It is not the systems, but the human behaviours in digital work, which drive real impact!​

Right to disconnect ready- What is coming and how are companies responding?​


For more insight into these predictions, see our video on LinkedIn.


Consider these ten questions to explore in your team


  1. Are you able to switch off outside of working hours?

  2. Are you managing to take regular breaks?

  3. How are your energy levels?

  4. Do you have time within the day to focus on important work projects?

  5. Are there too many distractions during the working day to be able to work effectively?

  6. Is there a difference in your creativity, innovation or strategic thought compared to your time in the office?

  7. Are you feeling an absence of connection within your team?

  8. Do you feel that your work and achievements are seen?

  9. Are you using too many communication platforms?

  10. Do you know your team’s communication etiquette and do your team know how you like to be communicated with?


At Live More Offline we offer solutions at all levels from webinars for all the workforce, to leadership training and executive level strategy sessions, as well as key-note talks on a range of topics, including diversity and inclusion in a digital culture.


To discover more about how we can help you, get in touch via the contact form today.

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