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Transform Your Digital Habits

on our Digital Detox Retreat...

Each month I am offering three free digital wellbeing coaching sessions to front-line workers. If you would like to apply for this then just fill in the form below.

Digital technology improves our lives every day. However, being constantly connected to digital tech can leave us feeling mentally tired, unable to properly switch off and distracted away from our goals and a sense of purpose in life. 

You may have started to notice this yourself...

  • Is it impossible to make time for the things that really matter?

  • Perhaps picking up your phone is a gateway to scrolling where hours seem to just disappear?

  • Do you feel you can't disconnect from work email outside of office hours?

  • Is the reality of work normally a day of firefighting email?

  • Do you always seem to feel tired and wonder if technology use is making this worse?

  • Do you feel like you need some time out? 

Your relationship with digital technology shouldn't have to leave you feeling this way. 

The Live More Offline retreat offers you an opportunity to unwind and tools to transform your digital habits...

The average person each day spends 8 hrs 41 minutes looking at screens, 2hrs 16 minutes on social media and checks their phone every 12 minutes. 

What would you say if you had an extra hour a day for the things you want to do? ​

Whether you want to sleep better, sharpen focus and creativity at work, ease the anxiety that comes with being constantly connected, enjoy connecting with others in an environment without screens or just make more time for the things that really matter to you... 

... the Live More Offline retreat can give you tools to make that change! 

From the moment you arrive at the mountaintop retreat centre, you can let the weight of the 'to do' list and feeling of constant connection melt away.  

What would six days free of technology in a beautiful setting actually feel like...?

Meet Your Coach, Alex

Before my first trip to Spain, I had a difficult relationship with technology. 

Looking back, unhelpful habits started early in my career. Keeping my blackberry phone (remember those!) next to me on the sofa and not seeing how my late night emails were making my sleep difficulties worse. 

Moving to a new area, I found myself between jobs, and lacking in purpose I started to develop a new habit... compulsively watching Netflix. I watched 'just another' episode  and 'just another' episode until entire days were filled with Netflix marathons. 

I knew deep down this was getting out of control as I spent less time outdoors and each time I finished a series, I felt a sense of relief. But I would be compelled to start another series and the cycle would continue. Living in a dark flat and spending time indoors on my phone and laptop had an impact on my health and mood.

I knew something had to change...

So I booked a flight to Spain and walked the Camino de Santiago. Arriving on my own, I spent 34 days walking 500 miles across Spain.In the days spent surrounded by nature and disconnected from technology, I noticed my energy levels increasing and I felt healthier, happier and even reconnected to a sense of purpose and creativity.

In the beautiful landscapes, the quiet trail brought me a crucial question...

How do I find the right balance back at home...?

And so began my passion for digital welbeing!

After years of training, doing academic research and working on my own habits, I started to help others with theirs and

Live More Offline was borne!

I am excited to be able to share this programme so you can reap the benefits of a conscious balance with digital technology...

What will the retreat include?

You will arrive before 6pm on the Monday, set down your bags and settle in. At the 6pm welcome session we will all meet together and you will be given the optional challenge to hand in digital gadgets for safekeeping until the Saturday morning, so you can truly disconnect (be brave!).

Each day in the retreat is tailored to its own theme...

Yoga: Lovingly designed to gradually introduce you to different styles throughout the retreat, including gentle morning flow, vinyassa, yin yoga. All yoga classes are suitable for all levels and no previous experience is required. 

Relaxing meditation: Unwind before bed with mindfulness meditation or yoga nidra sessions (yogic sleep). 

Free time: A nice balance of time in which you can be free to do as you like. Perhaps rest, read, relax by the pool or take a walk nearby. Massage and Reiki are also available at an extra charge. 

One afternoon there will be a guided, mindful, silent walk down into the local "Barranc del Infern" (Hells gorge). As you descend into the dramatic gorge, see how the beautiful scenery, sounds and things we would often miss can be more vivid when you're present and without distractions. The lack of speaking can feel both different as well as comfortable and freeing.


If you enjoy walking then there are other beautiful walks nearby which you can take the opportunity to explore. 

Cost And Acommodation

The retreat is £550 p.p. for the first six places booked and £625 p.p. afterwards. This cost includes all accommodation and food. 

To book, follow the link below to secure your place with a £250 deposit. The balance will be due by 28 March 2020.

Travel (flights and transfers) is not included but assistance is provided with arrangements and a group transfer will be arranged from Alicante airports at 3pm CET on Monday 18 May. 
Accommodation is typically in shared rooms for two or three people and two single rooms are available for a 30% supplement. 


Be notified as soon as revised dates are available:

The retreat is limited to twelve people, with an early booking discount for the first six places booked. To add your name to be the first to find out the revised dates please enter your details below

Be notified as soon as revised dates are available:




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