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Enhance Wellbeing and Performance by Investing in Digital Habits

Your Playbook to Greater Workplace Wellbeing, Performance and Belonging in a Digital Age

As human beings, when our deepest human needs are met at work, we thrive with increased performance and wellbeing. Our workplace becomes more than just work - it becomes a place of growth and belonging. 

But since the move to remote and hybrid work there are signs that those deepest human needs are going unmet. Always-on cultures, video-call fatigue, digital presenteeism and remote isolation are just some of the symptoms of a strained relationship with technology. 

It is time to take action. 

Let Live More Offline help you renegotiate your team's relationship with technology. Our evidence-led training and consulting embeds digital wellbeing into your digital ways of working, so your people can feel healthier, work smarter and feel a sense of belonging at work.

We help your team to humanise digital work

With Live More Offline's five building blocks, you can create a bespoke approach to diagnostic and training - one as unique as your team

Our training and consulting help you embed the Three Pillars of a Healthy Digital Culture


Move from

Digital overload

Video-call fatigue

Unbalanced working

Blurred boundaries

Insomnia and burnout


Work-life balance

Enhanced self-care

Sustainable remote working

Increased job satisfaction and mental clarity

Digital Productivity

Move from

Digital distraction 

Constant partial attention 

Mental fatigue

Too many channels

Unclear work processes


Enhanced focus & creativity

Manage distractions 

Purpose-aligned working 

Clear established team norms for effective working 

Virtual Connection

Move from

Remote isolation 

Ineffective digital communication 

Duplicate channels

Uneven contributions in remote meetings


Effective remote meetings

Clear communication norms

Meaningful connection and sense of belonging 

Join us as we lead the cause of digital wellbeing

Bruce Daisley.jfif

Bruce Daisley, Author of Eat, sleep work repeat and forthcoming book Fortitude

Alex La Via championing the cause of digital wellbeing - and the importance of renegotiating our relationship with technology - is leading the way for what will surely be the biggest topic for individuals and organisations in the next five years



Invest in the wellbeing of your people in a way which delivers

According to Deloitte, investing in mental health support in the workplace can generate a 5:1 return on investment. This return increases to 7.3:1 when targeted towards at-risk groups.


 We can work with you to identify which employees need support  and develop a targeted approach. An approach Our focus is creating a program which puts your people at its center.

Our academic study and lived experience are at the heart of who we are

Founder, Alessandra La Via

Why I was inspired to set up Live More Offline

Coming from a Big4 accountancy and corporate career, I came to see the 'always on' culture is not conducive to good mental health and wellbeing

This realisation was only enhanced on a life-changing 500 mile trek across Spain. I was deeply inspired by the journey, and returned passionate about creating healthier workplaces in a digital age. Since then I have conducted academic study into the effects of digital technology on wellbeing and worked with some of the largest global organisations  to help build healthier cultures. 

Are you interested in what your bespoke approach could look like?

Let's discuss... 

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