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Webinars, Remote Courses & Coaching for Digital Wellbeing

Take Control of your Relationship with Digital Technology

Find more wellbeing, focus and balance in your day

Our digital habits can either help us to realise our goals (having a good night's sleep, doing our best work, finding more time in the day, feeling healthy and more connected) or they can get in the way of these goals. 

Live More Offline's in-person and remote training, inspires your team with the knowledge and tools to create digital habits which support the life you want. Explore our training options to create more wellbeing, focus and balance in your day. 


Many organisations consider digital wellbeing to be a vital part of supporting employees during COVID-19. 

Working from home and social distancing can take its toll on mental, physical health and productivity. 


With our work and social life now playing out almost exclusively over digital platforms, our digital habits impact what we experience each day and how we feel.


Many of us now face the challenges of:

  • Staying connected to social media and news without compromising wellbeing and over-consuming content

  • A blurred line between home and work. Seeking a balanced routine that doesn't result in overworking, stress or difficulty to focus

  • Creating a connection through digital platforms that is nourishing during a time of social distancing

  • Pressure to react to the increased number of email and digital notifications, leaving less time to focus on the important things

Live More Offline provides you with an awareness of how digital habits can impact your quality of life & the power to create change. Gain the tools to create more wellbeing, focus and balance in your day.

To explore Digital Wellbeing in Your Organisation:

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Sharper Focus & Creativity At Work

A Greater Sense Of Purpose

Deeper Sleep And Sense Of Wellbeing

Richer Connection With Friends And Family

More Time For The Things That Really Matter 


Team digital habits also form a key part of your workplace culture. Late night emails encourage more late night working. Multitasking digital communications can prevent you from doing your best focussed work and leave you working longer as a result. Our training can help you to find individual and team solutions to improve your digital wellbeing and to champion digital wellbeing within your workplace. 

Get in touch and request a free call-back to talk about how we can help you care for wellbeing in your organisation:

Small changes to digital habits for more wellbeing, focus and balance! 


"Fantastic talks held at three of our offices as a part of our Wellbeing Week and great feedback from all attendees... Would hope to work with Alex again in the future "   

Sally, Arup

"I could personally relate to the topics that were discussed and allowed me to rethink how I approach every day tasks."   

Sam, Arup

"What a great and inspirational talk... a must for everyone "   

Rob, Harrogate Wellbeing Festival