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Live More Offline is all about helping leaders and teams to increase wellbeing, enhance performance and deepen connection by creating a balanced relationship with technology. 

What does this mean in practice?

  • Wellbeing: While an increased use of technology can enhance working practices, 87% of professionals believe the ability to work outside of normal working hours can make it hard to disconnect from an ‘always-on’ culture. If constant connection becomes a normal part of team culture, this has an impact on stress, engagement and job satisfaction. 

  • Performance: Would you like to create more time each day for the important things? Positive digital habits are the key to deeper focus, enhanced creativity and productivity. 

  • Mental health: Poor mental health costs UK employers £42-£45bn or £1,652 per employee. From social media to news consumption, the question is not as much "how much" we use technology, but more about "how" we use technology. Yet many are unaware of the issues and are living with digital habits which undermine sleep, mental health and physical health.

  • Virtual connection: Many of us have rapidly moved to remote working and teams are often feeling more isolated, not knowing how to best remain connected and engaged. Studies conducted before remote working provide insights into how to enhance communication, empathy and connection within virtual teams.

Live More Offline training can empower your team with knowledge and strategies to create a positive digital culture. Live More Offline training uses the Four Key Steps of digital habit change as a framework to create positive digital habits.

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"Fantastic talks held at three of our offices as a part of our Wellbeing Week and great feedback from all attendees... Would hope to work with Alex again in the future "   

Sally, Team Coordinator and Wellbeing Champion, Arup

"Alex's presentation; 'Constantly Connected - Caring for Employee Wellbeing in a Digital Age,' was a truly inspiring and insightful discussion and well attended by our members. Alex is a fantastic presenter and really easy to listen to and engage with. I would highly recommend her for future talks and to any employer for employee training, as I believe it is important for everyone in any industry, to recognise the importance of improving our digital wellbeing."

Louise Warren, Chief Operating Officer, EventWell

"I attended Alex La Via’s “Digital Wellbeing” training session for staff at Oxford University and it was full of fascinating data and helpful tips for achieving digital balance in this new era of 24/7 technology. I came away from the session feeling a renewed confidence in how to achieve a healthy work life balance, and how to set digital boundaries both personally and professionally. I warmly recommend this course and would love to attend one of Alex’s Digital Detox Retreats at some point!" 

Emily Winstanley, Head of Development- Bodlean Libraries, University of Oxford

It's helped me understand how much flitting from one task to another reduces productivity, I will be turning off those irritating notifications!

Jo, The Advantage Travel Partnership

Digital Culture has never been more important 

The move to remote working for many teams has heightened the importance of digital communications culture. Your digital communications culture can influence performance, engagement, innovation and wellbeing.

COVID has led to a positive acceleration in digital transformation and adoption of remote working. The next stage is to review the human side of this increase in technology use and create the culture and habits which enhance performance, wellbeing and balance. 

Let's have a conversation about how I can help your team. 


Sharper Focus & Creativity At Work

Connection To a Sense Of Purpose

A Greater Sense Of Ease & Wellbeing

Enhanced Connection over Virtual Platforms 

More Time For The Things That Really Matter 


Why I was inspired to set up Live More Offline

I was inspired to start Live More Offline after my own lack of balance with digital technology inspired me to walk 500 miles across Spain on the Camino de Santiago. Immersed in nature and disconnecting from digital technology, I experienced such a difference in how I felt and this led me to explore how to find a balance back at home.

I've since spent years undertaking academic research into the impact of digital technology on wellbeing and trained in mindfulness for behaviour change with Judson Brewer. 


Having seen the impact of digital habits first hand, I'm passionate about sharing the benefits with others.

Coming from a corporate background, I have lived the pressures of the 'always on' culture so can understand the realities of the challenges teams face. I'm a qualified mindfulness teacher and digital wellbeing coach and I bring this breadth of experience to my training.

Founder, Alex La Via

It would be a pleasure to work with you:

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With options from in-depth and impactful manager training to engaging and informative key note talks, Live More Offline can help and it will be a pleasure to speak. 


“ I have had the pleasure of attending a couple of Alex’s webinars on a “healthier relationship with digital platforms” I found Alex to be incredibly calming and easy to listen to, as well as identifying and elevating key points that I didn’t know about habits that I had sub consciously fallen into.


The nudges and benefits were quickly highlighted and I have already felt positive changes in myself. It is about starting with the little things and progressing to bigger and more drastic changes and then sustaining them. Alex has a lovely way about her and is very engaging and highly recommended”


Leigh Cowlishaw, HBAA Past Chair and Board Member

"What a great and inspirational talk... a must for everyone "   

Rob, Harrogate Wellbeing Festival

"Alex provided great guidance on how we can improve our digital wellbeing and strike a healthy online/offline balance. The talk was fun and interactive and the time flew by. I hope we will be able to welcome Alex back in person in the future"


Kate, HR Manager Copyright Clearance Centre




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