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Talks, Workshops & Retreats for Digital Wellbeing

Take Control of your Relationship with Digital Technology


In this digital age there is more competition for our attention than ever before. This has a knock on impact on our lives as where we place our attention determines what we experience and how we feel... 

  • 61% of managers feel they can't switch off 

  • 28% of our workweek is spent on email

  • 49% of people lose sleep as a result of online use


Sharper Focus & Creativity At Work

A Greater Sense Of Purpose

Deeper Sleep And Sense Of Wellbeing

Richer Connection With Friends And Family

More Time For The Things That Really Matter 

Technology improves our lives every day. But, if left unchecked, our digital habits can get in the way of our goals and impact our quality of life.Our "always on" lives can be tiring. We find ourselves firefighting distractions and emails, wondering where the day has gone. In search of unbroken focused time, we end up working ever longer hours — and still feel like we haven't achieved much at the end of the day.

If this sounds familiar, you're not alone. 

Live More Offline talks and workshops can teach you how to change your digital habits. Learn skills which make a difference to life at work and home for you and your team. 


The way we use our devices can be impossible to change on our own. Our habits are not controlled by our conscious mind. It is particularly easy to fall into unwanted habits when life gets busy, when we're bored or feeling stressed and anxious. 

Workplace culture makes a real difference to wellbeing. Digital habits are a key part of your workplace culture. Each late night email encourages more late night working. Multitalksing digital communications can prevent you from doing your best focused work and leave you working longer as a result. That's why we offer engaging talks, workshops and retreats to help you to improve your digital wellbeing and to champion digital wellbeing within your workplace. 

Get in touch and request a free call-back to talk about ways in which we can support your well-being at work:


"Fantastic talks held at three of our offices as a part of our Wellbeing Week and great feedback from all attendees... Would hope to work with Alex again in the future "   

Sally, Arup

"I could personally relate to the topics that were discussed and allowed me to rethink how I approach every day tasks."   

Sam, Arup

"What a great and inspirational talk... a must for everyone "   

Rob, Harrogate Wellbeing Festival

Digital Detox Retreat

18-23 May, Spain

Do you need some time out from the treadmill of work, email and social media? 

This year you can learn how to transform your digital habits whilst relaxing in the beautiful setting of the Spanish mountains.

Find out more about our upcoming Digital Wellbeing and Yoga retreat: