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Realise the Benefits of a Healthy Relationship with Digital Technology

Create more wellbeing, focus and balance in your day

Live More Offline helps teams to improve wellbeing, enhance focus and create more time for the important things by creating a healthier relationship with technology.

  • A recent CIPD survey showed that 87% of professionals believe technology creates a pressure to be 'always on'. Whilst our bodies and minds can manage this for short periods, when it becomes a normal part of team culture, it can result in exhaustion, impact mental health and lead to a lack of job satisfaction. Do your team feel a pressure to be 'always on' which can be reduced?

  • Creating positive digital habits can improve focus and productivity by creating the conditions for deeper focus and reducing multitasking, which has been shown to impact productivity by up to 40%.

  • Mental health is impacted less by how much we use technology, but more by HOW we use technology. Yet many are unaware of the issues and are living with digital habits which undermine sleep, mental health and physical health.

My message is the importance of being intentional about how we use technology. I provide you with strategies and tools to transform digital habits to experience more wellbeing, productivity and create more time for the things that are important to you.

My training walks you through the Four Key Steps of digital habit change and provides practical guidance to start making a difference today.

Supporting employee wellbeing is vital in responding to the mental health challenges of our time. A time when we are also using technology more than ever.

But to what extent has there been enough awareness raised of HOW to use technology in a way that supports mental health?

Live More Offline is growing a community of digital wellbeing champions who are aware of the issues and empowered with solutions. Join us today.

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Sharper Focus & Creativity At Work

A Greater Sense Of Purpose

Deeper Sleep And Sense Of Wellbeing

Richer Connection With Friends And Family

More Time For The Things That Really Matter 


Why I was inspired to set up Live More Offline

I was inspired to start Live More Offline after my own lack of balance with digital technology inspired me to walk 500 miles across Spain on the Camino de Santiago. Immersed in nature and disconnecting from digital technology, I experienced such a difference in how I felt and this led me to explore how to find a balance back at home.

I've since spent years undertaking academic research into the impact of digital technology on wellbeing and trained in mindfulness for behaviour change with Judson Brewer. 


Having seen the impact of digital habits first hand, I'm passionate about sharing the benefits with others.

Coming from a corporate background, I have lived the pressures of the 'always on' culture so can understand the realities of the challenges teams face. I'm a qualified mindfulness teacher and digital wellbeing coach and I bring this breadth of experience to my training.

Founder, Alex La Via

It would be a pleasure to work with you:

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"Fantastic talks held at three of our offices as a part of our Wellbeing Week and great feedback from all attendees... Would hope to work with Alex again in the future "   

Sally, Arup

"I could personally relate to the topics that were discussed and allowed me to rethink how I approach every day tasks."   

Sam, Arup

“ I have had the pleasure of attending a couple of Alex’s webinars on a “healthier relationship with digital platforms” I found Alex to be incredibly calming and easy to listen to, as well as identifying and elevating key points that I didn’t know about habits that I had sub consciously fallen into.


The nudges and benefits were quickly highlighted and I have already felt positive changes in myself. It is about starting with the little things and progressing to bigger and more drastic changes and then sustaining them. Alex has a lovely way about her and is very engaging and highly recommended”


Leigh Cowlishaw, HBAA Past Chair and Board Member

"What a great and inspirational talk... a must for everyone "   

Rob, Harrogate Wellbeing Festival

"Alex provided great guidance on how we can improve our digital wellbeing and strike a healthy online/offline balance. The talk was fun and interactive and the time flew by. I hope we will be able to welcome Alex back in person in the future"


Kate, HR Manager Copyright Clearance Centre




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