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Enhance Wellbeing and Performance by Investing in Digital Habits

Your playbook to greater workplace wellbeing, performance and connection in a digital age

Live More Offline is all about helping leaders and teams to enhance wellbeing, performance and connection by creating a healthy digital culture. 

Meaningful change requires a focus at both an individual and team level. This principle is at the core of all the ways we work with you, from our talks to our in-depth leadership training.  

Live More Offline is all about helping leaders and teams to enhance wellbeing, performance and connection by creating a healthy digital culture. 

We are guided by the belief that effectively embedding digital wellbeing requires a focus at both an individual and team level. 

Our approach is rooted in the Three Pillars of a Healthy Digital Culture:  Digital Wellbeing, Digital Productivity and Virtual Connection. What do these mean for your team?

Thrive across the Three Pillars of a Healthy Digital Culture: 


We help your team thrive across the Three Pillars of a Healthy Digital Culture: 

digital wellbeing

Move from:

  • Digital overload

  • Video-call fatigue

  • Unbalanced working

  • Blurred boundaries

  • Insomnia and burnout


  • Work-life balance

  • Enhanced self-care

  • Sustainable remote working

  • Increased job satisfaction and mental clarity

digital productivity

Move from: 

  • Digital distraction 

  • Constant partial attention 

  • Mental fatigue

  • Ineffective digital message clutter


  • Enhanced focus & creativity

  • Manage distractions 

  • Purpose-aligned working 

  • Clear established team norms for effective working 

virtual connection

Move from: 

  • Remote isolation 

  • Ineffective digital communication 

  • Duplicate channels

  • Uneven contributions in remote meetings


  • Effective remote meetings

  • Enhanced communication and clear communication norms

  • Meaningful connection and sense of belonging 

How we help you create a healthy digital culture

From key-note talks to leadership coaching, our range of services are tailored to help your people to thrive whilst working digitally. 

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"Fantastic talks held at three of our offices as a part of our Wellbeing Week and great feedback from all attendees... Would hope to work with Alex again in the future "   

Sally, Team Coordinator and Wellbeing Champion, Arup

"Alex's presentation; 'Constantly Connected - Caring for Employee Wellbeing in a Digital Age,' was a truly inspiring and insightful discussion and well attended by our members. Alex is a fantastic presenter and really easy to listen to and engage with. I would highly recommend her for future talks and to any employer for employee training, as I believe it is important for everyone in any industry, to recognise the importance of improving our digital wellbeing."

Louise Warren, Chief Operating Officer, EventWell

"I attended Alex La Via’s “Digital Wellbeing” training session for staff at Oxford University and it was full of fascinating data and helpful tips for achieving digital balance in this new era of 24/7 technology. I came away from the session feeling a renewed confidence in how to achieve a healthy work life balance, and how to set digital boundaries both personally and professionally. I warmly recommend this course and would love to attend one of Alex’s Digital Detox Retreats at some point!" 

Emily Winstanley, Head of Development- Bodlean Libraries, University of Oxford

"Brilliant virtual session on digital wellbeing for 55 BDO employees. Alex effectively used her coaching skills to help participants interpret information and think through what would be most useful for them to implement straightaway"

Marie Broad, Citizenship and Wellbeing Manager, BDO


A healthy digital culture has become a workplace necessity 

The move to remote working for many teams has heightened the importance of digital culture. 76% of workers believe a business policy to help them to manage technology and screen-time overuse would help them to manage their health. Whilst 40% of organisations do not have any guidance in place to deal with this tech overload.  

Live More Offline is all about taking you from good to great. With a healthy digital culture your team can enhance wellbeing, manage blurred boundaries, work with greater focus and feel more connected. 


As we move into a hybrid working future, let us help you with the human side of technology use. Together you can create the norms to help your teams thrive. 

Let's have a conversation about how I can help your team. 

Why I was inspired to set up Live More Offline

I was inspired to start Live More Offline after my own lack of balance with digital technology inspired me to walk 500 miles across Spain on the Camino de Santiago. Immersed in nature and disconnecting from digital technology, I experienced such a difference in how I felt and this led me to explore how to find a balance back at home.

I've since spent years undertaking academic research into the impact of digital technology on wellbeing and trained in mindfulness for behaviour change with Judson Brewer. 


Having seen the impact of digital habits first hand, I'm passionate about sharing the benefits with others.

Coming from a corporate background, I have lived the pressures of the 'always on' culture so can understand the realities of the challenges teams face. I'm a qualified mindfulness teacher and digital wellbeing coach and I bring this breadth of experience to my training.


Founder, Alex La Via


“ I have had the pleasure of attending a couple of Alex’s webinars on a “healthier relationship with digital platforms” I found Alex to be incredibly calming and easy to listen to, as well as identifying and elevating key points that I didn’t know about habits that I had sub consciously fallen into.

I have already felt positive changes in myself. It is about starting with the little things and progressing to bigger and more drastic changes and then sustaining them. Alex has a lovely way about her and is very engaging and highly recommended”


Leigh Cowlishaw, HBAA Past Chair and Board Member


It's helped me understand how much flitting from one task to another reduces productivity, I will be turning off those irritating notifications!

Jo, The Advantage Travel Partnership


"I would highly recommend Alex and these sessions to any organisation, particularly to enhance their wellbeing programs."


Participant, Thriving in a digital age workshop series

Teva Pharmaceuticals